Yogi Choice Distributes Premiere CBD Products while teaching Ancient Yogic Techniques to Strengthen the Mind, Body & Spirit!

Palm Beach Gardens – Yogi Choice, an innovative wellness company, distributes top quality CBD products in order to promote your best life! Utilizing CBD in a daily routine can help boost the function of internal processes which helps to restore and rejuvenate the body.

In a world of information overload, this company mindfully navigates the CBD and yoga industry by creating meaningful relationships, serving their customers and being transparent in everything they do.

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound of the Hemp plant that has been found to produce amazing therapeutic effects. Many are using it to combat anxiety, seizures, insomnia, IBS, depression, appetite and the list goes on. In a competitive market place it is crucial to understand the quality of CBD you are taking. Important questions include where it is sourced, how it is extracted and whether it is full spectrum or an isolate product.

Using a trusted distributor allows you to only bring in the best products for your store.

Yogi Choice carries 5 highly effective brands including HempLucid, Funky Farms, GreenWave, Miracle Nutritional Products and HempMe. As a distributor they are able to choose what product lines are the most effective based on customer feedback and research.  

Owners, BJ & GuruSimran Khalsa are Kundalini Yoga teachers who spent decades studying under Yogi Bhajan. This is an energy expanding practice which guides the soul in getting in touch with your truest self. Through specific mediations, mantras and movements a spiritual awakening takes place for those who are ready for a journey of deep self-healing. They offer classes and workshops at their location at 4121 Burns Road, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33401.

“We are building a culture of like minded people whose sole mission is helping others reach their healthiest and happiest self. Through our CBD distribution channels, retail location and Kundalini yoga workshops we are supplying powerful tools to help transform your life into the best version possible. By choosing Yogi Choice we honor to serve you meaningful and with deep gratitude for all you do.”